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August 6, 2013 Posted by admin in News

Uninvited in Fargo, North Dakota

band todaySoooo...remember when we said there'd be a show in 2013? 25th Anniversary of The Uninvited and all that? Well, honesty is one of the great traits of musicians. Yes, we're doing a show! Saturday night, August 17th! At The Nestor Tavern! In...Fargo, North Dakota!

Yes, Fargo. The Birthplace of Rock. Home to the Post-Paisley-Underground-2nd-Wave movement of the mid 90's (March 3rd, 1994 to March 10th, 1994). Why Fargo? Why not? We loved that movie ("That must be yer partner in the wood chipper there"). And it's like a triumphant return: One of our first midwest shows after being signed by Atlantic was in Fargo. No, but seriously...why Fargo? We owe it all to SuperFan Brenda Gunnarson, who figured out the Secret Sauce to getting any musician to dust off the Fender Strat: moneymoneymoneymoney...muh-nay!

So break out your suitcase, mortgage the house, and come on out to the Nestor Tavern in Fargo on August 17th. See ya at the show!

May 28, 2012 Posted by admin in News

Together, Boken up? WTF?

The Uninvited – WTF?

“Are they together? Are they broken up? Wasn’t their final show back in 2002? I paid money to get into that show thinking it was all over, but they played like 10 times since then…”

Though The Uninvited officially broke up in 2002 they have risen from the dead on several occasions, like musical zombies, rocking the living before descending back into the murky underworld. Will they rise again? Of course they will, that’s what undead bands do. Currently, there are no plans for a reunion, but one member *hackCough STEVE cough Cough* is pushing for a western tour, and will continue to arrange the bones, light the candles, sacrifice picks or whatever it takes to coax them to crawl from their coffins – also known as day jobs - once again.

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